most everything below has a link, scroll a name, check it out, write it down, come listen. . . . . . .

Oct 25th- Danny Gouker Trmpts & Basses @ WindupSpace

We made a record over a year ago.  Danny is putting it out into the world. Come celebrate with us.  SPECIAL GUESTS Michael Formanek

and Dave Ballou to join.  More trumpets!?!?!?!? More basses!?!?!?!? 


Oct 26th-  Trmpts & Basses @ AE RANDOLPH

I stared this series almost three years ago.  So glad that its going strong. Check the links above ^ there is plenty of music going on here.  

 Oct 29th- David Aaron Flip City @ DowntownMusicGallery

When I'm in NYC there are a few things I do.  Things I splurge money on.  One is bagels.  I fit as many in the car as I can.  Secondly, is going to DTMG with as much cash as I'm willing to lose.  This is the legendary spot and the Sunday night series is as long running and legit as it gets.  Double billing with the one and only Daniel Carter.  How did I get that lucky?  David Aaron is a NYC gem of the likes of which there are few left.  An iconoclast, a man with his own plan.  Then add David Gould to the mix?  Can't wait to meet these outsiders in the basement.  

Oct 30th David Aaron's  ISOLA project @ Cornelia Street Cafe

6PM EARLY SHOW!!!!!!!!

Remember Cornelia Street Cafe?  I do.  What a venerable place.  Hallowed halls.  I used to get in on a sliding scale back when Paul Weis was booking it.  I spent more on beer than I did the cover charge, and stayed way later than I should have, a few nights a week.  They were okay with that because thats what a venue in the old village should be.  David's written some very interesting music featuring the poetry of Oscar Wilde.  Vocalist and clarinet added.  

Oct 29th Dust Carlson @ 

Oct 31st ZNZ @ Korzo 

10:30 second set. 

A discussion about collective improv always brings me to this group.  To that feeling.  The best of friends, the best of disagreements, the best surprises, laughs, and shouts.  Can't not hardly wait. Best series in town, bar none.  Thanks James for all you do. 

Nov 1st DOUBLE BILL  Patrick Breiner's DOUBLE DOUBLE and Curriculum Qxtet @ AERANDOLPH 

I'm not a big fan of playing two sets with different groups in the same night.  This is different!!! Patrick's always fresh directions for this band keep it rolling along.  Lester St. Louis joining in for Adam Hopkins, who we'll miss, but I'm excited to play with Lester.  Followed by Curriculum.  Our only NYC show in quite some time, maybe for a while.  A bit of a celebration of the series transitioning and going strong.  COME HANG!!


Nov 3rd Anchor for the Arts, Northhampton Mass w/ Freeman, Goldman, Cardineaux 

Do you know these gentlemen?  That would be Myk Freeman on steel guitars, Eliot Cardineaux on piano, and Max Goldman on drums. 
I was snooping around for another gig in the Boston area and this just happened to line up.  If you know someone in the area tell em we're headed through.  It'll be pretty gentle, in a good way.  Maybe we can get Eliot to read some of his words as well.  

Nov 5th Curriculum in Providence

My NorthEast swing ends with the best possible of sendoffs.  A night, a three! set long night with the original Navy Yard standards rep band.  WE'll be hitting old tunes, play some we haven't for quite some time.  If you haven't heard this band you should.  


TomChess minitour

3 days in Ohio doing workshops and masterclasses.  and two dates in Pittsburgh.  Details to come 


NOV 11th houseconcert

Reach out if you're in the area and need details. 


NOV 12th Tomchess BanditHat @ City of Asylum  6pm

Really looking forward to this hit.  The incomparable Mimi Jong joins us as she so often does when we're in PBurg.  If you haven't heard her you haven't heard zhang or erhu played like this ever before.  Special evening when it all comes together. 





 Hope to see you out there.  The presence of listeners is an engaging force.