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My main composing outlet.  A raucously chaotic, loud, boil over sextet that has no trouble being startlingly quiet, introspective, and small. Listener's struggle to discern what’s improvised or composed in our togethered ugly beautiful mess. This band will take you by surprise, knock you on the head, drink all of the beer in the fridge,  lull you to sleep, then sneak behind your back with the car keys. 

Labor of Labor released 2012.

Dustin Carlson-guitar, Brad Henkel- trumpet, Patrick Breiner-tenor, Nathaniel Morgan-alto, Cody Brown-percussion



This band does not play thrown together free improv. We play little pieces like they're thunderstorms we sing to each other in tongues we bounce ideas like were tearing up the ground. I feel a kinship with these three gentlemen, a trust to take the music as far as imaginable. DEBUT RECORD RELEASED- Check it on Bandcamp by scrolling above.  Cop it and be prepared ! ! ! 

Kenny Warren-trumpet, Patrick Breiner- tenor, Flin van Hemmen-percussion



My standards unit. This project  was a means to an end- to play the music of Eric Dolphy.  We now include tracks by Ornette, Haden, Cherry,and others. I was frustrated that so few people, myself included, had spent so much time digesting, analyzing, and transcribing "our standards" repetoire with no outlet to play said music. Instead, schools have students play  out of a book.  I’m building my own book. Various personnel 


Patrick Breiner would come to the South Bronx to session and eat Mexican food.  I had a tiny room with no windows, top floor, in the dead of summer. He was my only friend that would come over. It was a catalytic period in our deep friendship.  We improvise ideas and sounds that don’t often translate in a setting other than a duo. 






One of the most unique composers and improvisers on the planet.  Tom is equally strong on oud and ney (flute) as he is a “downtown” guitarist and saxophonist.  He bends the maqam tonal system into an alloy mixed with  jazz, downtown free, and North African elements.  Tom is reaching for something beautiful and wonderfully strange.  I’m along for the discovery ride. My ears were opened and changed when I started collaborating with Tom. Check out his bands LoveDogs, BanditHat, or any time he’s playing solo.

Patrick Breiner's DOUBLE

 We got tricks and sleeves, concepts for days, and Pat puts it together by uniting this crew.  Its not easy to write music  that utilizes the full sound spectrum of double basses without it getting bogged down in the lower hZ levels- Pat NAILS IT.  We  thunk heavy grooves, obtusify with rips and zings, rattle the low end, play like a choir, all the while the tenor gets to slog his way through, instrument as an earth mover, or he's always got the option to soar over the top on ethereal clouds of extended harmonic resonance.  MILEAGE debut recording released on SULDE records, scroll over above to listen and cop it. 

PATRICK BREINER-horns/composer ADAMHOPKINKS-doublebass FLINVANHEMMEN-percussion



This here is an odd unit.  That was David’s intention.  Seems like we do a fair bit of rehearsing Dave’s tunes and all the real working out of ideas live.  Dave seems to be okay with my general confusion and disregard for instructions because I’m always havin such a blast playing with his group. He  catches me off guard with how hard he can steam.

David Aaron-tenor, OTHERS- drums.